Our Story

The Reflective started with our team, who wasn’t a team back then, venting about our struggles as newcomers to modest fashion.

We were used to the ease, access and style a wardrobe free of restrictions afforded us.

The Struggle was real

We discussed how there was no platform where we were wholeheartedly represented; where we could wear everything on the page without having to sacrifice time, money, or style. Oh, and don’t get us started on the struggles with modest beachwear.

But then we realized… If we’re all struggling, were there other women out there who were struggling too?

Advice, Inspiration, Product.

So we set out to fulfill that need. Our individual journeys with modesty and experiences solving the problems along the way have given us the tools and the passion to create this platform and community for all of you; all of us. Women seeking more.

The Reflective is a modest fashion platform housing one place for style advice, inspiration and product. Think of us as your personal stylist and shopper meets close friend. We knew it was time to form a community of women like ourselves because no one should struggle alone. We want every woman of every faith to feel seen and heard in her modest experience. We want her to know that The Reflective’s got her covered.

With professional expertise from our work in marketing, content creation, and business strategy amongst brands such like Bloomingdale’s, WeWork and Hatzalah, we officially became a team and started working to solve the problems: the solution being

The Team

Liza    |  Founder & CEO
Neriah |    Head of Social
Lauren| Business Partnerships
Danielle | Head of Content
Raquel |   Head of Operations