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Diana Carrera Modest Doesn't Mean Frumpy & Musings on Personal Style

Mar 24

If you could only wear one dress for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I'd definitely go for a nice flowy summer dress. One, they are super comfortable when the weather starts to gets a bit sticky. Also, I love to layer them for the fall and winter seasons with chunky sweaters, tights, and booties. They are so fun to style in any kind of weather!

What’s your favorite go to place to shop modest finds?

I am huge on saving, so anywhere that has good deals. My love for fashion and modesty started during my earlier thrifting days. There were so many treasures to be found! Nowadays, you will find me in the clearance sections of Target, H&M, and Old Navy.

What’s the best modest styling tip that changed the way you dress?

Modesty is attractive. Styling a modest outfit does not mean frumpy or boring at all! You can still express who you are and discover your femininity, all while maintaining your personal modest standards.

Diana Carrera Modest Doesn't Mean Frumpy & Musings on Personal Style

What’s the best bit of fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don't say no until you have tried it. I have received messages from ladies complimenting my look, but adding "I can't pull that off." Says who? I always say try it out, if it doesn't work out the worse thing that can happen is you won't like it.

How would you describe your style?

Uff, I really dress based on what I am feeling that day. If I am feeling spicy and energetic, I'll bring out funky creations and pops of color. If I am feeling more sophisticated, I'll tone down the colors and put on a more sleek look. Whatever I may be feeling, comfort and confidence is always a must!

Who do you get your fashion inspiration from?

Everywhere I look there is inspo! I love how one dress can be styled and personalized so differently. What I do is gather ideas regarding colors, textures, and 'what's in' in order to created my own version of outfits. My go to place for ideas is Pinterest. I can plug in key terms and find hundreds of ideas!

What fashion accounts do you love following on Instagram?

Ok, it is so hard to narrow down, because there are so many amazing ladies out there! Here are my top 3: @caroldemauro, is multilayered, just when you think she mastered fashion, she comes out with another surprise; @veronicaslook — she is classy, sophisticated, and her style has maturity; @blaireadiebee is an ICON, the way she just styles it all and makes each outfit look like it was made for her — also her confidence!

What’s one thing you wear that you thought you couldn’t pull off but totally can?

So I always loved chunk combat boots with a skirt or dress. Of course, at first, I was way too chicken to try it out, but I took that fashion advice and did it. Little did I know it would be one of my signature go-to looks! I really love a good chunky boot.

What’s your go to fall/winter look?

For the color scheme, I go for more earthy tones and whites for that warm look in the cooler season. Then, layers, layers, and more layers! It is such a chic, put-together look, and keeps you cozy on the chillier days. I can't forget to accessorize with wide brim fedoras, cabbie caps, or beanies to seal the look.

Are you a shoe or a purse girl?

I am more of a shoe girl for sure! Purses are very cute, but I am more drawn to shoes when I go shopping. They can give your outfit character and put that cherry on top.

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