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Mussie Epstein The Power of Vintage Shopping

Feb 17

If you could only wear one dress for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

It would be a little black A-line dress with a puff sleeve. There’s nothing more perfect than an LBD. A-line is my most flattering fit and I live for a puff sleeve.

What’s your favorite go-to place to shop modest finds?

My go-to has always been second hand or vintage if I'm looking for something specifically modest. I find that vintage pieces tend to be more modest without trying too hard. My go-to modest look is always a vintage midi dress or skirt.

What’s the best modest styling tip that changed the way you dress?

Layers! Layers add interest and can turn a basic outfit into something cool and different, while making a look work for different modesty levels.

Mussie Epstein The Power of Vintage Shopping

What’s the best bit of fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?

This isn't necessarily advice, but something I've picked up along the way: Confidence is key. You can be wearing sweats, but confidence will lend an inner glow that shines through.

What are 5 items in your closet you can’t live without?

My J.Crew loafers, vintage nude blazer, crisp white button-down dress, oversized beige silk blouse and my Urban Outfitters hat.

How would you describe your style?

My style is a blend of masculine tailoring and feminine touches. I love a structured blazer with loafers, with a few bows and ruffles thrown in.

Who do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I've always been drawn to street style. I loved the red carpet but always loved seeing celebrities in their day to day looks. I adore MKA and the Row and am influenced by Leandra Medine. I loved Karla Deras back in her blogging days and love Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat.

What fashion accounts do you love following on Instagram?

Amy Smilovic of Tibi! She shares so much wisdom daily and I love how transparent she is about running Tibi. I love following Leandra Medine, OlsensAnonymous (obsessed with MKA), vintage accounts such as GoldenAgeVintage, Valeria Povetsky and Katie Jane Hughes.

What’s a recent purchase you’re excited about?

My 1960’s leopard coat! It is perfection and fits me so well.

What’s your go to fall/winter look?

Jeans, loafers, crisp white shirtdress and a sweater layered over it. I basically wear different variations of this all winter.

If you were exploring the streets of Paris right now what would you wear?

Love this question, now I'm daydreaming about Paris. Classic Chanel nude and black slingbacks, a silk A-line button-down midi dress, oversized vintage camel blazer, vintage purse and hair back in a low pony with a scarf tied in a bow.

Are you a shoe or a purse girl?

I used to be such a purse girl, but I've pared back to 2 or 3 bags that I consistently wear. Now I'm a shoe girl, ALL THE WAY.

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